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North Lancs RC: Constitution

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Club Constitution: Articles of Formation

Article 1

Section 1 The name of this Club shall be the North Lancashire Road Club and the official colours of this Club shall be blue, yellow, red and white.

Section 2 The object of the club is to assist members to participate in all forms of cycling and associated activities and to promote Club and Open events.

Article 2

Section 1  All applications for membership must be proposed by one full member of the Club and seconded by another full member of the Club and approved at a committee meeting.  

Section 2 REMOVED as of 09/11/2015

Section 3  Membership shall be made up as follows:   

 a) Senior Members: who shall pay the full subscription charge as determined at the Annual General Meeting

 b) Junior Members: who shall pay a reduced subscription charge as determined bat the Annual General Meeting. This class of membership is open to members up to their eighteenth birthday or otherwise as decided at the Annual General Meeting

Section 4 Subscriptions are payable annually to the Club Secretary and become due on October 1st. On payment of the subscription members will be issued with a dated and colour-coded membership card.  

Article 3

Section 1 The Officers of the Club shall consist of the following:  











Section 2 All the above offices are Honorary positions and shall be held by members of the Club.  

Section 3 All officers shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting of the Club.  

Section 4 The office of Chairman is in addition to that of President, but one person may hold both offices simultaneously.  

Article 4

Section 1 The financial year of the Club runs from 1st of October to 30th September and the Annual General Meeting must be held before the end of December in each year.

Section 2 When present, the Chairman shall preside over committee and Annual General Meetings, unless he or she declines, in which case a deputy Chairman must be elected.

Section 3 Only Club members are entitled to attend and vote in an Annual General Meeting and they may be called upon to prove their membership if so required.

Section 4 At the Annual General Meeting the General Secretary shall present a report on the Club's activities that year; the Racing Secretaries shall present reports on the racing activities of that year and the Treasurer shall present, together with an Auditor's report, a report of the Club's finances in that year.

Section 5 All nominations of officers and all notices of motions for consideration at the Annual General Meeting must be in the hands of the General Secretary seven days prior to the Annual General Meeting. If insufficient nominations for Officers are received by the date of the AGM then vacancies may be filled at the Annual General Meeting.

Section 6 Any resolution affecting the constitution of the Club membership terms and subscriptions shall be decided on a two-thirds majority of those members present and entitled to vote. All other resolutions require a simple majority.

Section 7 All resolutions at an Annual General Meeting shall be decided upon by a show of hands, unless a ballot is demanded. The election of Officials shall be, when necessary, decided by ballot.

Section 8 All members, except the Chairman, are entitled to vote at an Annual General Meeting and, in the event of a tie, then the Chairman has a casting vote.

Section 9 If a minimum of ten members require an Extraordinary General Meeting and, provided that they can produce a resolution to be considered, they can request the Chairman to call an Extraordinary General Meeting within thirty days.

Section 10 No motion of the same subject may be put before any Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club more than once in any twelve calendar months.

Article 5

Section 1 The Officers shall be responsible for the day to day running of the Club.

Section 2 Committee meetings shall be held as and when the Chairman and Secretary deem necessary. The Secretary will inform all elected Officials of the date and venue of the meeting.

Section 3 All decisions shall be made on a simple majority and, in the event of a tie, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.

Section 4 The Club has the power to ask a member to resign and, if he or she does not resign within thirty days, that member will be expelled from the club.

Section 5 Any member who has been called upon to resign by the Club may appeal to the next Committee Meeting whose decision will be final.