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Membership of the NLRC currently attracts a fee of £14 for seniors and £7 for junior members (up to 18 years). Fees are payable annually to the Club Secretary, becoming due on October 1st. With the exception of new members, a surcharge will be applied to fees paid after December 31st.  

The club strongly advises all it’s members to obtain public liability insurance (cover against claims by a 3rd party) either through membership of a national cycling organisation or by other means including household contents policies, most of which include a public liability section. All responsibility regarding insurance cover lies with the individual member.

It is expected of members that they offer their help in the running of at least one Club promoted event during the course of the year.

I wish to become a member of North Lancashire Road Club

By signing this form I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, release and forever discharge and hold harmless the North Lancashire Road Club , its members, agents, servants, representatives, successors and assignees, officers and directors from all liability arising from or connected with in any way with my (or my child’s) participation in  rides and events. I understand that there are risks inherent in my participation in bicycle rides, and I voluntarily assume such risk, knowing that my personal property may be damaged or destroyed and that I might suffer severe bodily injury or death. I recognise that it is my responsibility to ride in a safe and legal manner and agree to do so.


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If under 18 years of age signature of parent or guardian is required

Please return the completed form to:    Bill Auld

                                                                     64, Quebec Road


                                                                     BB2 7DA  

NB! Data provided on this form will be used solely by North Lancashire Road Club and will never be passed on, sold or otherwise transmitted to third parties. You agree that we may contact you from time to time by email or other means to let you know about club events and with NLRC news.

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